How to Protest Peacefully


There’s almost nothing that cannot be said on a T-shirt, but I believe that the things we are able to say go beyond grounding our personal beliefs or associations. They become an extra pair of sartorial middle fingers pointing towards anything and everything that threatens to uproot our stance.

Beyond the why,  I’ve been thinking a lot about the how: how to incorporate Protest T-shirts into my looks without being too on-the-nose.  For this look, I channeled one mathematical styling trick I’ve gleaned from trial and error: use a pop of color [30% of items for the look=1 piece] as a sort of sound box for black and white [the other 70% of accouterments]. I knew right off the bat I wanted to pair this tee with a mustard yellow deconstructed skirt because well…yellow is having a moment.

P.S. Over the past few months, I’ve been working on branding, design and redesign of a Nigerian-based LQBTQ online zine —A Nasty Boy you should check them out.

Images By: Mimi Atairu