My Next Dream T-Shirt is Arty


If I had to assign this outfit curation a character, it would probably be “Graffiti artist who enjoys short power walks on the Brooklyn bridge and long TED talks about the surprising scientific innovations of Leonardo da Vinci”.

I’ve been eyeing this Golden Goose T-shirt for a few weeks now: my obsession with it stems from the fact that I recently invented a new category of clothing in my head to satisfy the proclivities of my ideal artist-style persona induced by my numerous visits to Museums and Art Galleries in DC.

The category of clothing to which I am referring is called “artful athleisure” [I named it myself, as is my motherly right]. Inspiration for the “artful athleisure” aesthetic includes: Céline’s S/S 2017 collection featuring references to Yves Klein ’s performative Anthropometry paintings from 1960, Calvin Klien’s Spring 2018 collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the Instagrams of: Paola Vilas and Paloma Wool.

If you, too, happen to be in an Artsy state of mind, you can consider this a shopping PSA. Speaking of which —  the National Geographic Museum in DC just opened a fascinating exhibition about the Tomb of Christ.

Cargo Pants
Golden Goose
Isabel Marant

Collage by: Mimi Atairu