How to Layer a T-Shirt, Winter Style


Tees are some of the hardest working garments in winter. Amirite?

Growing up in Nigeria, I never experienced freezing cold temperatures, besides the chilly winds that mark the harmattan season. Yet…having lived in a cold weather climate for long enough — let’s call it at least three winters,  I still haven’t learned that a tee, leather jacket plus a silk scarf is not warm enough for the winter (until it isn’t).

This brings me to my T-Shirt Layering 101 Lessons. After days of staring listlessly at this kewwwwl tee, I got from Monogram Studios, contemplating the task of trying to beat winter at its own game while simultaneously accommodating my desire to put together an actual outfit — one that isn’t simply a compilation of layers but in fact says something about who I am.

I decided to mine the Internet of Things for the best layering methods out there: one that doesn’t make you look like snow man. Well, turns out, it’s more easier than I thought, it begins with your first layer—the underwear! Go for something warm like velvet, don’t skip an insulating base next (you can pile up layers if you like, just make sure it’s not. And kabooooom, start styling with all the magic pieces and accouterments in your closet!

Photos: Bill Gorman